Entrepreneurs Dedicated to Growth and Excellence (EDGE)

“EDGE is a Community Business Organization that represents the small/med size business owners in the Tampa Bay Region” – Kelly Wilson, EDGE Media Hub Founder

EDGE Media Hub was founded by businesswoman & entrepreneur, Kelly Wilson in August of 2013.

For over a decade Kelly was in search of a community with like-minded individuals that were innovative, creative, supportive, positive and genuine. She was looking for a community that was not transaction focused; she wanted to build and nurture authentic relationships.

Kelly’s search was unsuccessful, so she decided to create her own. EDGE started as a community organization, connecting business owners and entrepreneurs through membership and events. EDGE provided mentors and educational opportunities to learn from other leaders in the community, to share stories of success and failure and to grow together. Over the years EDGE has continued to evolve to provide the tools and resources that the community needed.

Today, EDGE Media Hub is a multi-platform media company specifically designed to assist small/ medium size business owners with gaining a voice, community connections, visibility and influence. We merged our community-based approach with powerful data-driven analytics and digital technology to help our business community grow and succeed.

EDGE continues to provide opportunities of personal & professional growth through all platforms. The key that has continued to boost EDGE’s growth is COMMUNITY. Now Combined with powerful DATA ANALYTICS & DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY we are unmatchable.

With EDGE – it’s not only business, it’s personal.


Publisher's Letter

This section is dedicated to the direct communication between the Publisher and Founder of EDGE Media Hub and YOU. Our intent is to directly communicate with you and know your perspective and suggestions.